Is Your Period Healthy?

Is your period healthy? FLOW: how heavy is it? Are you changing every 1-2 hours or every 3-4 hours? Are you leaking? Also, what’s the color/consistency of your flow? LENGTH: how long are you bleeding? Are you bleeding for 3-7 days or 7-9 days? REGULAR: do you know when your period comes? Is it around […]

Period Panties For The Win

period panties

Have you tried period panties?  If not, you should!  I recently was sent a pair by FriPeriod and I have to say I’m a fan!  I was a little skeptical, but they kept me fresh, comfortable and worry-free!   Check out this Reel I created to learn more about why I love FriPeriod (this link will save you […]

4 Things That Make Your Period More Painful

Here are a few things that make your period more painful: Poor sleep.  Sleep is a backbone to optimal health and if we aren’t giving your body the rest it deserves it can’t do what it needs to do while we sleep.  Poor sleep also increases stress which increases inflammation which increases period pain. Alcohol.  […]

Menstrual Migraines


Do you suffer from menstrual migraines (a headache that comes right before or during Aunt Flow?). This could be due to several reasons:   Hormone fluctuations.  Typically I see this in patients who have a sudden drop in progesterone or a lack of progesterone.  Both can trigger a migraine.  This is why doing comprehensive lab work […]

Period Products, Oh My!

period products and women's health.

There are some significant differences between period products like tampons and menstrual cups that are worthy of talking about.