Period Products, Oh My!

There are some significant differences between period products like tampons and menstrual cups that are worthy of talking about. […]
period products and women's health.

I’m a fan of picking a menstrual product that you are comfortable with, but there’s some significant differences between a tampon and a menstrual cup that are worthy of mentioning.

Tampons have to be changed quite often, and if you have heavy heavy flow (which isn’t normal FYI), then you are changing even more frequently. With a menstrual cup, you change less often.

Tampons are potentially full of chemicals that are carcinogenic unless you pick an organic brand (like Cora) whereas menstrual cups are natural silicone and not full of chemicals.

An article in the @huffpost estimates that a woman uses 9,120 tampons in her lifetime which is a lot of products accumulating in the landfills, whereas, the impact is less with a menstrual cup.

Tampons can also dry out the vaginal flora, therefore reducing the good vaginal microbiome, whereas menstrual cups have no affect on the vaginal microbiome.

There are other alternatives to tampons and pads, such as period panties too! I love the mission behind @friperiod!

Which menstrual product team are you on?

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