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Which Appointment Type Do I Choose?

15 Min Discovery Call: Dr. Ellis will call you at your scheduled appointment time and you will get a chance to “meet” each other, have any questions you might have regarding fees or office visit and understand how Dr. Ellis can help you achieve your health goals.

Acupuncture/Cupping: this ancient Chinese therapy is beneficial for pain, anxiety and prolonged menses in women (among many other health issues).

B12 Shot: an IM (intramuscular) shot of methylcobalamin for increased energy and mental clarity. If you’d like to add some fat burning amino acids to it, book the Fat Burner Shot instead (it comes with B12)!

Brief Phone or Telemedicine Consult: 15 min brief check-in with Dr. Ellis (note, this may be billed for additional time if appointment is longer than 15 min).

Existing Patient Follow-Up: established patients can book this appointment for symptom check-in and lab follow-ups.

Lab Order Request: patients who are transferring from Holistic Urgent Care please select this to establish care with Dr. Ellis’s new practice (this is just a placeholder appointment for consent forms and records release to be sent!)

New Patient Visit: if you are a new patient wanting to see Dr. Ellis in person, please select this appointment. If you would like a telemedicine consult due to current COVID19 recommendations, please book New Patient Visit-TELEMEDICINE and Dr. Ellis will consult with you via Zoom.

New Patient Lab Review: if you are a new patient who has seen Dr. Ellis for your initial intake, please book this appointment once you have been notified that Dr. Ellis has received your lab results. You may also book a New Patient Lab Review-TELEMEDICINE if you would rather have your lab review via Zoom.

Physical Exam: need a physical exam for your workplace or school? Then book this appointment.